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How the Government Budgets and Operates

Written By Lori Montgomery

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This MasterClass introduces you to the key players in the federal budget process, arms you with information you need to realistically assess the arguments of political candidates and commentators, and helps you identify claims that are patently ridiculous (of which there are many).

At a time when the national debt is rising to unnerving levels and policymakers are weighing dramatic changes in federal tax policy and social programs, no topic is more timely -- or more critical to our nation’s future. In this MasterClass, you’ll use President Obama’s first budget as a backdrop to comprehend how the federal budget is organized. Your newfound fiscal knowledge will sharpen your ability to make informed choices as a voter and a citizen.


Each of the following eight sections is filled with detailed content, real-life examples, personal anecdotes from your expert and practical activities.

  • Where the Money Goes
  • Where the Money Comes From
  • Deficits and Debt
  • The Budget Process: The President’s Request
  • The Budget Process: On Capitol Hill
  • Major Budget Issues: Targeting Waste, Fraud and Abuse
  • Major Budget Issues: Over-Promised or Under-Taxed?
  • Balancing the Budget


Lori Montgomery is an award-winning reporter who has spent much of the past 25 years covering government at the national, state and local level. She currently covers national economic policy for the Washington Post, including tax policy, spending and the federal budget. She has taken a lead role in covering Washington's response to the recent recession, and was honored by the Society of American Business Editors and Writers.