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Spy Fact and Spy Fiction

Written By David Ignatius

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In this MasterClass, you'll uncover where reality ends and fiction begins. You'll explore some of the most intriguing milestones in the modern history of espionage, and some of the most riveting spy novels.

You'll begin your journey with an examination of British Moles, then turn your attention to American spy catchers, the CIA and the Middle East. You'll step into the world of the Mossad and investigate the perplexities of Counter-Terrorism.

Throughout this MasterClass, you'll exercise your mental agility as you partake in guided activities that take you deeper into the world of spy fact and fiction.


Each of the following eight sections is filled with detailed content, real-life examples, personal anecdotes from your expert and practical activities.

  • Two Interconnected Worlds
  • Connecting Fiction to Facts
  • Connecting Facts to Fiction
  • Origins of "Agents of Innocence"
  • The Mossad: Fertile Source of Fact and Fiction
  • "Body of Lies": From Amman to Hollywood
  • Spy Movies: The Secret World on the Silver Screen
  • Spy Cities: Five Places Where the Game of Espionage Lives


David Ignatius's twice-weekly column for The Washington Post on global politics, economics and international affairs is widely syndicated all over the world. His column has won many awards and Ignatius is a frequent guest on talk shows on global issues. He has been executive editor of the Paris-based International Herald Tribune and co-moderator of PostGlobal, a continuous online discussion of important world affairs. Ignatius has published seven novels, beginning with "Agents of Innocence," published in 1987. His latest, "Bloodmoney," will be published in Spring 2011. A film version of his novel, "Body of Lies," starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe and directed by Ridley Scott, was released in 2008. The film rights to "The Increment" have been acquired by Jerry Bruckheimer.