What makes the MasterClass series unique?

The Washington Post exemplifies its commitment to quality journalism and education through these exciting, interactive, online courses. Each MasterClass is:

  • Prestigious. Washington Post MasterClasses are written by Washington Post experts renowned in their fields, many of them Pulitzer Prize and major award-winning journalists.

  • Enlightening. Composed of intriguing facts, case studies and real-life examples designed to inform and provide exclusive insights into many interesting topics.

  • Engaging. You’ll discover maps, timelines, scenarios, specially selected readings, streaming videos, and many more activities that reinforce your understanding of brand new concepts and ideas.

  • Flexible. The overall time commitment for each MasterClass is flexible. Each course will take you about 10-25 hours to complete. You may access your MasterClass for up to 6 months—whenever and wherever it suits you best.

  • Personal. As you progress through your MasterClass, you’ll have ongoing access to your Learning Advisor. Your advisor provides you with guidance during your learning journey and ensures that your questions are answered in a thorough and timely fashion.

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"I enjoyed the course very much.  It combined two subjects that I am very interested in and David Ingnatius's use of his own experience, both a a journalist and as a novelist, gave me welcome insight into both the real and fictional world of spies. Please congratulate Mr. Ignatius for putting
together a fascinating experience."

--Tom G, VA.

"I just wanted you to know I have begun to read the various sections of the Post Master Class. It is fabulous.  I am stunned at the huge amount of information on each topic.  And the extraordinary way the articles tie various pieces of information together. Amazing!!! All so very useful,interesting, enlightening"

--Diana Z., DC

The Bordeaux MasterClass was an exceptional way to gain an appreciation for these wines from an expert using a multimedia format. The class has provided me with an enthusiasm for Bordeaux fueled by an understanding of the its rich wine making history, the process of its creation, and its geography.

--Dr. Jason H., KY

Wonderful information ... Clear and easy to understand but still presented at a level that allows you to grapple with the nuances of today's on-going economic debates.

--Ali P., MO